Saturday, 11 December 2010

Organic Pork, just do it.......

Today in the kitchen i was preparing loin of pork for the menu tonight, the rind was being scored carefully (that's what gives the crackling)seasoned with roasted fennel seeds, celery salt, fresh thyme, garlic and massaged with olive oil. And the one thing that was going through my mind was, why do we as chefs not cook pork anymore?
Well the answer I am afraid to say is simple. Most pork you get now is intensively rared and tastes of nothing. So my friends get your hands on home rared or organic pork.
You cannot compare the two, the colour of the meat, the thickness of the fat and of course the flavour is totally different.
There is a growing number of people that are rearing their own pigs to eat and this in my opinion is the way to go. They are easy to keep, they grow quickly and you will have great fun rearing them.

So back the pork loin:
Keep the rind on and score it with a sharp Stanley knife, rub salt, chopped garlic, toasted fennel seeds, fresh thyme and olive into it. Place in a roasting tray and cling film the meat for at least four hours or even better overnight. This will help the meat soak up the flavours of your marinade. Now all you have to do is remove the clingfilm and cook the pork for an hour at 180.

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