Thursday, 19 December 2013

Its time to claim back our stout

Out of the ashes of the Champagne swilling days of the Celtic tiger the Irish have claimed back their right for stout. We have turned back the clock where almost every town in the country has its own microbrewery. No longer are we dependent on one or two big companies providing us with chemically induced beer. We have gone for taste and quality and have provided the platform for small artisan passionate brewers to dazzle us with their beer.

We now know what IPA, red ale, pilsner and real stout tastes like. Our new generations of talented brewers have taken a huge financial risk to provide us with this liquid gold and in turn we have gone out and supported what they are doing. My father has told me stories of years gone buy of people going to different parts of the Country and looked forward to tasting their unique beer. We can now do this for ourselves.

I feel we are turning a corner in relation to our food heritage. People want to know where their food and drink comes from and they want to be able to put a face to what they are eating and drinking. We are now beginning to realize that we do have some of the best produce in the World. It is important to speak out and let people know this; the French, Italian and Spanish have no problem in doing so. It will create better food for our children, jobs, culture and great conversation around our dining tables. Really it’s a no brainer.