Friday, 15 July 2011

Penne pasta with Irish smoked salmon, black pepper and parmesan cheese

Sometimes I am surprised at how easy a dish comes together and tastes like it took ages to cook, well here is a simple pasta dish I came up with in the confines of a small camper van with a two ring cooker. All I had was some good smoked salmon, parmesan cheese, black pepper and a tiny bit of cream. This my friends is easy but tastes of more.......
Boil the pasta al dente, strain when cooked and slice the smoked salmon into thin strips, pour the cream into the empty pasta pot, reduce it a little, add the salmon, black pepper, pasta and a good handfull of grated parmesan cheese, stir and serve at once. A little squeeze of lemon will help things along if you like.... Try it you will be going back for more......

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  1. Sounds fab. I think even I could manage that! :)