Sunday, 17 July 2011

Its the simple things in life that make it work.......

I have been working in kitchen's for the past twenty years and have come across many young talented chefs, their passion, belief in what they are doing and their eagerness to learn sets them apart from the rest and in most cases catapults them to the top of their profession.
I have also learned that if you keep things simple in a kitchen, not try to invent the wheel but to use the best ingredients available is the key to good food. Unfortunately this knowledge takes time to amass and requires a lot of hard work to master. This job is a profession and in some cases a vocation, we work long hard hours for the pleasure of others so bear this in mind the next time you go out for dinner.
So this leads me on to last Sunday when I had the pleasure of eating in the Chop House, Lismore, Co Waterford where I had one of the best lunches I have eaten in a long time. Devilled lamb’s kidneys to start (pink, cooked to perfection) and Roast saddle back pig for main course (their own pigs) and sticky meringue with strawberries to finish. My ever youthful companion had home cured and smoked organic salmon to start, Roast McGrath’s beef for main course and a zingy lemon tart for dessert. This was simple food but what makes it stand out in my mind is that the ingredients were the best, it was cooked simply and without fuss by a young, talented up and coming Chef Robbie Krawczyk.
I guess my motto is “ Life is simple we should keep it that way”

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