Monday, 4 April 2011

Healthy Brown Bread..................

We recently had a group of Italian slow food students stay at the castle, they were on a gastro tour of Ireland so I set up a bread making workshop for them in the kitchen where I was joined by Brendan Walsh of M&D bakery who made blaas for the students and my Mum, Brigid Quinn who demonstrated a very old bread recipe that has been in our family for many generations.
This recipe is for the brown bread we make at the castle, it is delicious, healthy and well worth making.....

Wholemeal Brown Bread
makes one loaf

400g of howards one way brown flour (coarse) (kells flour is also fantastic to use)
55g plain white flour
1tablesp of bran
1tablesp of wheatgerm
1tablesp of pumpkin seeds
1tablesp of sunflower seeds
1tablesp of linseed
1 level teasp of bread soda, sieved
1 teasp of salt
1teasp of soft brown sugar
1 free range egg
2 tablesp of sunflower oil
400ml of buttermilk
Preheat the oven to 180c
Put all the dry ingredients including the sieved bread soda into a bowl and mix well, make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and pour in the liquid, mix well by hand, add more buttermilk if necessary, the mix should be soft and slightly sloppy. Pour into an oiled tin and bake for 60 minutes approx or until the bread in nice and crispy and sounds hollow when tapped

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  1. I was looking to duplicate the bread found at the Old Schoolhouse Cafe in Inistioge. This is the closest I have found! Delicious! Could be the egg?

    Thanks also for your salmon, parmesan, cream & black pepper "recipe". I have probably made it once a week since coming across it a couple of years back - and the people I have made it for have made it their own too!

    Much love from Houston, Texas.