Thursday, 23 September 2010

A Curry in a Hurry

I was poking about in Ardkeen supermarket last night and wanted something tasty to eat with a bit of spice to it. What will I cook ? was the thought in my head and i am sure that goes through most peoples minds when they go shopping for dinner.
So here is what went into my basket; 1 carrot, tin of good chick peas, 1 onion, a punnet of cherry tomatoes, bulb of garlic, a bag of baby spinach and a packet of Masala Gosht made by that fantastic spice company Green Saffron.
Not much i hear you say....
Well, follow these instructions and see for yourself
Finely dice the onion and carrot, crush the two cloves of garlic and fire them into a pot with a good gulp of olive oil, cook this out over a low heat until the onion is soft, now add half the bag of spices and continue to cook for a further three minutes. Quarter 12 cherry tomatoes and throw them into the pot along with the drained chick peas. It is important to use a low heat because you want the tomatoes to break down and the chick peas to take on board the flavour of the spices. Cook this for a further ten minutes and then chop the spinach roughly and put it into the pot. This will add moisture to the dish. But you might have to add a little water as well. You want a thick consistency not a watery tasteless mess.
Now cook up some rice and he presto dinner is on the table, and it is tasty, very tasty...
Q. tip, if you want a creamy finish to the dish add a tin of coconut milk and some chopped coriander at the end.

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