Friday, 21 January 2011

Seaweed on the sea shore......

This morning was bright, cold and clear and I was lucky enough to be on the Copper Coast with my daughter Katie and Paddy Ryan, a chef at the Castle. We rocked up with wellies, woolie hats and little else but our purpose was to gain some knowledge from Grace O'Sullivan about seaweed. And boy did I come away with a greater understanding of whats under the sea and how good it is for you.

The tide was fully out as we clambered over the rocks to the waters edge where Grace pointed out Blue ray limpets, soft shell crabs and baby sea urchins. She picked Peppered Dillisk, Kelp and Sea Spaghetti for us to eat and the funny thing was once she pointed it out I could see this natural food everywhere.

The Japanese know the value of this iron rich food and I think our perception of it is changing. The old people knew how to cook with it, the chewed dillisk and made puddings out of carageen moss. We need to embrace it and bring seaweed into our own diets and i guarantee we will feel much better for it.


  1. I am very fond of Seaweed -their beautiful shapes & nutricional values! I studied Phycology in Galway many years ago.
    The iron content probably kept a lot of people healthy in the coastal communities!
    Great Blog! Must follow,
    Birgitta Burren Smokehouse