Friday, 14 January 2011

Passion wins out in the end

A week on the roads of the west of Ireland has thought me one thing; this country has some amazing passionate people. Martin who runs global village restaurant in Dingle, spoke to me about his produce, the fish that comes straight from the boats on the pier to the farmer who supplies him with his beef and in a throw away comment mentions that he bought two acres of land to grow vegetables for his restaurant. And not only that, he got a gardener in to show him how to do it properly. This is what we all should be doing, this is passion, this is real, this is food.

And on the other side of the Connor Pass i came across this young farmer, Thomas O'Connor, who has bought thirteen acres of land and grows all his produce organically for his organic shop in Tralee, ducks are for eating the slugs, pigs to plough the land and chickens to eat the grubs. Everything he grows is done bio dynamically, using the cycles of the moon. This man has a vision, this man has a passion or as someone called him a revolutionary.

These people should be treasured and supported by us, we need them more than they need us. So get out there and find your local treasures, buy their food, cook it with care, enjoy eating it and please tell other people about them.....

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