Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Chef and the Cheese maker

Gerry Galvin and David Tiernan were men that I respected, looked up to and was always excited to meet. They both had a burning passion for food and had a fabulous knack of encouraging young raw talent.
As a young chef I heard of Jerry through Myrtle Allen and when I finally met him he was warm and extremely generous with his knowledge. Euro Toque events took on a new meaning for me where I would seek Gerry out and we would talk simply about what was good about Irish food. His presence in a room was felt by many, he was a true gentleman and I am glad we crossed paths.
David you could say was cut from the same cloth as Gerry, he too had this addictive charm that I and anyone else that met him would warm to straight away.
I met David at a Euro Toque event ten years ago, we sat at the same table over dinner and talked about life, food, wine and of course cheese. I remember thinking afterwards it was one of the first open conversations I had with a complete stranger. He brought the best out of people and was generous to a fault.
I will miss the chats, laughter and honesty both of these men brought to my world.

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