Sunday, 13 January 2013

Go for the Oyster


The famous poet Jonathan Swift once said, “He was a bold man that first ate an oyster”. There are two types in Ireland the Native and the Rock oyster, If I had a choice I would eat the Native Oyster all day, they are smaller and a little sweeter than the rock but that said once they both are fresh and handled properly they are delicious. So go for it and leave your preconceptions at the door.
This dish is simple to prepare and beautiful to eat.

Serves 3

Get your hands on a proper oyster knife, preferably one with a hand guard, this will save you from a nasty gash. Always use a tea towel, its prevents the Oyster slipping.

6 fresh oysters opened
1 tbsp. of butter
1 good handful of fresh spinach leaves
1 tbsp. of finely chopped shallot
1 tbsp. of chopped parsley
1 tbsp. of chopped tarragon
1 tbsp. of fresh breadcrumbs
A dash of Tabasco sauce
1 lemon

Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the spinach, shallot and herbs, cook until the spinach is wilted and add the breadcrumbs, Tabasco and a little salt, cook on for a few minutes and blitz in a food processor until you have a nice green paste.
Heat the grill and put the oysters on a baking tray and spoon the spinach paste evenly on top of the oysters, grill for a few minutes and serve with lemon.

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