Friday, 14 October 2011

Tips on buying fish.......

Learning how to choose the best fish is probably the most valuable thing I can share with you. Great sea food is not about fancy technique and complicated cooking, it’s about keeping things SIMPLE. Shop well and relax about cooking, it’s meant to be fun.
Try to buy fish that looks fresh, bright and sparkling, the eyes should not be sunken in and dull, the gills should be bright red and not grey. The flesh should not look tired. Fresh fish does not smell of fish it should smell of the sea.
Get to know your fishmonger by name and build up a friendship with him, after a while he will understand what you want and the quality you expect. By doing this you are supporting local people and local business. Fish in supermarkets in my opinion is bad quality, expensive and often farmed and flown in from a foreign country. Cork airport is the biggest fish market in the country. (how sad is this?)
When you get your fish home, store it in the fridge, loosely cover it with a damp cloth, and eat it within 48 hours to enjoy it at its best.
A fish-rich diet will contribute to your well being. Those cultures that still eat large amounts of fish and shellfish, such as the Inuit’s and the Japanese, have consistently ranked high for good health, with far lower rates of cancer, heart disease and type -2 diabetes. So it is important to include as much fish in your diet as possible and of course be able to cook it.

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