Friday, 19 November 2010

Give me Goose only Goose

I know it is a little bit early to be talking about Christmas but unless you get your skates on and order a goose you might be left with the bland meat of a Turkey. Here is a little history of why people eat goose.
The traditional main dish at Christmas was once goose. That was because, like other migratory fowl, geese appeared and disappeared at crucial times in the yearly cycle, so eating them accompanied ceremonial events in the solar and agricultural year. People have linked geese to the changing seasons since antiquity, when different cultures around the world would sacrifice the goose to the gods in thanks for the harvest, then feast on its flesh afterwards. Goose was served at the Celtic Samhain, or Halloween, the Norse Yule and the Christian Michaelmas. In the Middle Ages there was even a festival known as Wayzgoose, a traditional printers' fete. held at around Michaelmas (the autumn equinox) to mark the end of summer and the beginning of working by candlelight. The master printer would hold a feast for the apprentices and journeymen, with roast goose as the main dish.
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  1. Please send me a number for Mrs Mary Walsh re goose sales. Thank you, Paddy woodworth